Predictive Analytics Consulting

Predictive Analytics Consulting

Our analytics consulting team develops custom predictive analytics models that can be operated on your own infrastructure without needed to license in third party products or algorithms.

Our models can all be run on standard AWS or open source technology and provide best-of-breed analytics for customer engagement, advertising optimization, and operational efficiencies. Using an external analytics consulting team to augment your in-house teams provide the best combination of time-to-market and cost efficiency.

Using TV data analytics to see why 4K's failing

Jan Lindquist, Mon 13 November 2017
Deploying 4k video requires a considerable investment and many operators are finding that it does not have the expected uptake amongst consumers. We've been working with operators to use predictive analytics to help understand consumer uptake of 4k. Although a lot has been written about the technical factors that effect consumer uptake, we have found that consumer engagement, content investment …
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