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Connected Car

Connected car data enables new opportunities across the transportation sector. From manufacturers through to fleet operators and government bodies, the data from connected cars can revolutionize business models.

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Drivers take to disabling noisy advanced driver assistance systems because they aren't willing to tolerate the sound of the alerts

A recent JD Power report found that drivers so dislike the ADAS alerts, which come in the form of a loud noise, that they disable the system, making the vehicle less safe. The report also concludes that said drivers are less likely to purchase new vehicles with these safety systems in place for the same reason.

A Waymo experiment indicates that Level 5 autonomy is the safest when it comes to driverless

Waymo ran a test where drivers did not have to touch the steering wheel but did have to monitor conditions on the road, and were themselves observed through cameras. The conclusion was that drivers quickly became distracted and did anything but carefully observe road conditions, leading the company to conclude that the only safe AV is one with full Level 5 autonomy.

Musk's "million-mile battery" prediction may soon become a reality

Jeff Dahn has been called Tesla's battery guru. He has suggested in a recent paper that a battery with a 6000 cycle lifetime is a possibility and would have a 60% greater range than current batteries. Such a battery would be particularly useful in autonomous robotaxis but could also be moved to a second vehicle if the first one gets too old, thus saving on battery production costs.

Smart, well-planned cities are key to the success of autonomous vehicles

NACTO, representing 81 North American cities, has just published an autonomous vehicle planning guide for cities which focusses on the policies that cities need to develop for driverless to successfully integrate into modern cities, say reducing rather than increasing congestion. The report also concentrates on policies concerning the sharing of data.

Learning to recognize emergency vehicles is a big challenge for driverless vehicles

Drivers have no problems recognizing and then reacting to the blue lights, sirens, and markings of emergency vehicles but getting driverless vehicles to recognize and thus react to them is proving to be an enormous technical challenge. Autonomous vehicles also find recognizing moving vehicles much easier than perceiving parked vehicles.

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